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January 6th, 2024

Collective spiritual support for Black women.

Spirit-Led Woman is a weekly sister circle for black women in the Atlanta area. The group is led by Kwasida Afi, a spirit-led life coach and educator voted as a highly accurate spiritual advisor on a top spiritual app. Kwasida Afi, or Queen Kwa, offers spiritual companionship and a supportive presence, offering a safe and non-judgmental space for sisters to navigate their spiritual journey. She asks open-ended questions and listens deeply, helping others to deepen their self-awareness and discernment. Through this process, she assists clients in cultivating a deeper connection with the Divine and discovering their unique path of spiritual growth and ways they can make spirit-led changes in their lives.

We meet in person on the first Saturday of every month in the West End near the Atlanta University Center and meet online via Zoom on the other three Saturdays. 

Sign up and the address will be sent out one week before our first in person session. 

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